Astrology Readings

Astrology Readings

When most people think of Astrology they think of their sun sign, which simply means the sign the sun was in at the precise time when they were born.  Although your sun sign can give you some very good information about yourself…..that is only the tip of the iceberg!

What some people may or may not know is that Astrology, like everything else in life, is evolutionary.  It is not written in stone, and continues to change and expand just as the Universe is expanding.  What that means is that over the years new planets have been discovered and they not only are changing the face of Astronomy, but the face of Astrology as well.  So in simple terms an Evolutionary Astrologer is aware of this and includes these changes in our readings.

So what is an Astrological Reading?  Well first let be clear there are many kinds of charts and readings.  Natal, Solar Return, Horary and Transiting, just to name several.  No need to get concerned about choosing – the Astrologer will figure that out based on what you’re seeking?  Your job, as the one receiving the reading, is to know what you are looking for and what questions you have?

Astrological readings can be very useful in revealing information about who you are, what path you are on and reveal guidance for your unique gifts/talents, career, prosperity, relationships, romance and health.  Your chart also can tell you where you will find things that flow easily in your life and where you will find challenges as opportunities for growth.